Bringing Business and Art Together

We believe that when businesses partner with talented artists, something remarkable happens!

Our integrated marketing packages offer businesses an opportunity to partner with us in a unique and creative way.  Our marketing model includes much more than just a short glimpse of the business product or service, it is a fully customizable integrated marketing package that includes promotion of the business brand right alongside our brand and our project promotions. 

Marketing packages include a wide variety of options for the business brand to be promoted via multiple online venues, including all major social media platforms.  Partnering with us means that we become vested in the success of the business brand exposure just as much as our own projects.  Promotion of the business begins on day one of the partnership and continues through the release and distribution of our final project. 

What we offer is more than just product placement or branded entertainment; we offer businesses a chance to become a part of something much greater.  We offer them a chance to become part of the Living History Productions world, turning fans of our projects into fans of their brands!

If you are a business that is interested in partnering with us on any of our current or future projects please contact us and one of our marketing representatives will be in touch.