Where We're Going / by Chris Weigl

We saw something really cool on Blackboard this week.  Steven Soderbergh kept a daily diary of all the art he consumed in 2014.  We thought this was a great idea, so we thought it would be cool if we could find a way to add a feature to our website updating our users what we were watching, listening to etc.  We’re not entirely sure how we’re going to pull this off yet, but hopefully we’ll have something in some sort of beta version with the new site update.  The other neat thing about Soderbergh’s list was that it almost entirely reflected the media that we consumed as well.  This is the really cool thing about lists of any kind.  If you find someone with similar tastes as you then you have an opportunity to perhaps find something that you wouldn’t otherwise happen across. 

We’d like some feedback from our users about this.  We’d love to do things like liveblog events, but technology exists in a state of flux so it’s always difficult to know what to use.  Are there some great tools for this stuff that we should be considering?  The one thing we have learned about technology is that there is always someone out there with a better idea.  Let us know what your favorite website solutions are.  We’re looking for new ways to liveblog, ways for populating lists so we can make them available to our audience, multimedia solutions for diagrams and maybe even flashplayer effects for our new project section and more.  Part of the challenge of being a business right now is finding the best ways to reach your customers.  While we try our best to keep up a strong social media presence people are rapidly expanding their reach into things like apps.

The other item that we’ve been working hard on and would love some feedback on is our new project: This is Flyball.  This exciting new project follows a Wisconsin flyball team across the country as they compete in events eventually culminating in the Super Bowl of Flyball: CanAm.  We’ve been wondering what kinds of questions you have about flyball, dog sports in general, or documentary filmmaking.  Our project is geared towards proliferating both a new style of filmmaking that encourages microbudget documentary filmmaking and a new method of distribution that makes it easier for fans to gain access to our product.  We’ve thrown around ideas and looked into things like crowdsourcing, but these things only address part of the problem.  Funding your movie is one thing, making a film that addresses what your audience wants to see is something totally different.  We don’t want to just fund our idea of what this documentary is, we want you to have just as much say in this as we do.  Without an audience film is dead and many projects have seen this reflected at the box office.  We’re not interested in shooting something that only serves our interests or is only done to make money, we’re interested in the story and giving you the most compelling viewing experience that we can.  Help us produce the product that you want and let us know your thoughts and feelings about this exciting new project!